Raising a Ticket for Tasks

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Audiologiks.com accepts projects and works on tasks between 22:00 GMT Fridays to 22:00 GMT Sundays. For the local time in your area, check out the Time and Date worldclock

Scope of Projects & Tasks

The scope of projects considered is the following:

  • Goal of the task is clear
  • Materials and background of the task are shared, and dependencies clear
  • Task is estimated to be completed within 10-15 hours, within one weekend period.

Discuss a Project or Task

    Contact the admin at www.audiologiks.com by clicking on the Help button in the lower right-hand side of the website or go to our support page, or send an email to support[a]audiologiks.com

Budgeting for Project Tasks

Tasks are estimated for time and a fixed price quote. If a project task is agreed, the following documents are exchanged before the work starts:

  • Quote (price & time)
  • Statement of Work (Description of Work)
  • Once the work starts, drafts of the documentation or other deliverables are shared until a final version is agreed. After the work is finalized, or the deadline is reached, then two final documents are shared.

  • Order Acceptance (Document Accepted)
  • Payment Instructions
  • Evaluation Sheet
  • Identifying improvement steps from projects

    Having internal sponsors who can answer questions, capture the learning points from a successful project or a failed project, and then share them is key to improving skills and capabilities. Capturing challenges that employees and customers encounter in particular should help to drive changes that can improve the customer experience.