Learning from Public Audio

Recording a story from work

Once you have decided on creating a learning plan around a particular work experience or customer experience, you can approach the people you hope will contribute their insights to the project. Using a framework like Plan, Do, Check and Adjust (PDCA), a content plan for audio interviews and recorded discussions can be created so that other colleagues can listen and learn from it.

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Sharing a story from work

Pick a topic or subject which would be a good shareable story to share an insight into knowledge gained or a way to improve a process with a wider team. You can pick by getting different submissions for ideas or talking to members of teams to understand a valuable experience they went through at work.

Telling your work story

    Using audiologiks.com, Users can enable the sharing of stories by either recording a group discussion, retelling an experience, or holding a one on one interview. The stories can be captured via video or audio, and shared online via a web page. If you are the organizer charged with gathering the stories and organizing the content from contributors, you can using audio recording to gather the content and a web page to allow others to access them from wherever they are.

Learning from examples of work

There are many places where work stories are shared on internal networks, from award announcements to internal newsletters, so colleagues can learn about group and individual accomplishments. Using these as a springboard for inquiry into how things were done, and learning what could be applied in other colleagues’ work means encouraging questions and sharing between teams using audio and video in addition to text.

Identifying improvement steps from projects

Having internal sponsors who can answer questions, capture the learning points from a successful project or a failed project, and then share them is key to improving skills and capabilities. Capturing challenges that employees and customers encounter in particular should help to drive changes that can improve the customer experience.