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Research Content has content on different areas of technology in Japan and the rest of Asia for members who sign up, and visitors to the website. Whether it is content about jobs or starting a business, I will post links, original content and data for different users. If you create or produce content in English, contact us to talk about content ideas, and ask for content research to be posted in English or Japanese. posts content on topics around jobs and technology in Japan and Asia, and will research any business topic for users producing content online. We have free content under an open source license on Github, a popular online repository

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Create Content

Create content to make your website visitors come back more frequently or encourage attendance at events, and other positive reactions from your online audience. Think about the schedule you want to have and then the steps needed to create your content and publish it.

Plan your content by breaking down your process into listing up the topics you want to post about, and where you can find more information on the web about that content. I use both search sites and media sites in Japanese and English to look for content that I can post about, as well as social media to identify topics.

You can create content with audio and video as well, whether it is reposting content from sites that allow sharing or creating your own. I think audio interviews or discussions are a great way to create content for your website depending on the topic.

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Re-Use Content

Content is licensed on the web under different terms depending on the author, with a lot of content under open source or other free to share style copyright license terms. All websites will have a Terms of Use tag in their footer which points to how their content can be used.

Look at popular websites for finding free content, and in their terms of use you will find what needs to be done to use the content fairly. One popular source of non-copyrighted images is the US government because, per Wikipedia, they can't be copyrighted.

For examples of open copyright licenses, check out Creative Commons which offers templates of licenses that allow sharing of content, and the license Wikimedia uses. offers some articles under an open source MIT license.


Topics for research or writing to engage your web audience


Japanese - English Translation summaries of content for articles


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