Create Documentation

For a team to achieve certain goals, document the goal and the processes you will follow to achieve it. For example, if the goal was to create a list of passwords or better manage an existing list, then you need to review the list of existing passwords.

Using AI to Create Cybersecurity Incident Reports

Using Microsoft's AI Tool, Copilot, to help create Incident Reports is the subject of an article on Microsoft's website. "The Copilot-generated incident report also includes all analyst-driven steps and automated actions, the analysts involved in incident response, and the comments from the analysts. " This looks like a useful tool, and while it doesn't apply the analysis to recommendations and suggested improvements, it would be interesting to see what it could do on suggested remediation.

Can I Find a Job in Japan

This is a section from the help forum with articles on different parts of the job market in Japan for bilingual applicants.

There are articles with lists of companies, and also articles with a focus on different job roles. There is a heavy emphasis on bilingual jobs, so even if readers aren't fluent in Japanese, it can shed some light on the benefits of learning Japanese enough to be proficient at a job. Youtube is another source, as well as other social media sites so your search for a job can involve many different sources of information.

Creating an Account to Submit Questions

You can create an account on either Github or our support site to ask questions about topics covered in articles and text files in the github site. The purpose of the site is to help users collect and compare data, create documentation and find information that brings context for your tasks. For example, a text file named in the MediaManager repo points to sites which have information on different financial websites.

Data, Documentation and Information

We are creating text files for users to copy and paste data, categorize data for lists, and other information that can help for organizing data. We have github repositories for text files written in markdown for different types of information, including names and links.


On our support site, you will find articles on a number of subjects which use Data, Documentation and Information, including looking for a job.

You can use different files links to check out different categories of information and data. 

Organizing data

Tagging data or adding a descriptive category can help filter a list down to a useful subset. For example filtering job search sites in English via a Google Search query will yield a list of career or job search sites from Japan.

Business Category: English Job Site links

  4. Linkedin

Japan jobs sites

  1. We-Xpats
  2. Bizreach Japan

Topics can be listed up with tags and search terms, as a way of making search easier to replicate for others.