Features of the Website

Also access our interactive menu from Japan by calling 050-3131-8611 if you have a card


Using the Features to Help Find and Prepare for a Job

Create audio content accessible only by a simple login code. Check out the github page for menu examples

Menu of choices for users when accessing Audiologiks
Login to special menu with content for defined users
Listen to audio content recorded for users

Record content and share with your social media channels

Record your own content and have a link sent to you
Share links to audio content with applications
Replay your content after you record it to check

Create simple menus for web visitors or callers to browse through for information on an event or group

Play content you create or other content
Info - Create an information channel for your own user
Help - Listen to our Help Menu or create your own

Going back and Cancelling are very convenient features, while putting a Quiz as choice can be a fun option for your users

Back - Go back to the previous step in the Menu
Quiz - Create a quiz for users to play
Cancel your session by pressing this button

Setup your own menu of content
Unlock other features for Audiologiks
Interview - Record an interview and get the link

Practice your pitch or presentations
Connect to the Audiologiks platform and listen to the menu