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11/23 Monday - Update on Impact of Coronavirus

Here is a map of travel restrictions put out by IATA, the International Air Transport Association. Much of the world in the Northern Hemisphere is now experiencing a third wave with an increase in reported infection cases and hospitalizations. This is a good map of the US which shows recent changes in infections and related data. Now that there have been announcements of progress on at least 3 vaccines for Covid-19, there is a focus on getting ready to distribute it to health workers and vulnerable people globally.

Working in the UK in 2021

After the UK leaves the European Union, their immigration rules will change. The UK will offer potential immigrants different options for entering the country and here is one article on how things are changing on Dec 1st in the UK. The link to the UK government announcement is here

Looking for a Job in Asia

From 14 job boards in Asia to Country pages on 16 countries in the region, there are articles, links and other content on finding jobs in the Asia Pacific region. Tell us what you think, and correct anything you feel is wrong.

Canada increase immigration targets

Covid 19 has impacted immigration across the world, and Canada has been taking measures to encourage more immigration. Here is a link to my page on Canada and links to online resources.

Look for a Job Internationally by Region

If you wondered how it is work to internationally, and are thinking of different areas of the world, check out either our articles in the Knowledge Base or on country pages in Americas, Europe or Asia.