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Audiologiks supports bilingual applicants in their career development.

We organize Meetups so people can meet and exchange information about methods, ideas and leads on career steps to finding jobs and building skills for careers. Chat with us to ask questions.

Tools for Individuals

      Put a virtual number on copies of your cv to track call backs
      Use an international number to apply for jobs overseas so recruiters can call you back by dialling locally and it forwards to your phone
      Earn points and Share your career search activity with us or to an app by filling out an online tracker
      JAPAN JOBS A page with links to job boards and recruitment companies in Japan. Get a Japanese virtual 050 number.
      COUNTRIES A page with jobs in 3 regions, Asia, Americas and Europe
      MEETUPS A list of the Meetups we run in Tokyo
      FAQ Check out the 86 articles in our Knowledge Base on working in Japan and overseas
      DESKTOP APP An example of the desktop browser apps written for different uses
      GITHUB PAGE The software and text used in the website, including code examples

Information on the Website

For information on job boards, recruiters and improving the career search in Japan or on different regions to look at working overseas.

Earn Points from Your Job Search

Score your daily activities to find a job. Have you prepared your resume, researched what kind of job you want and the salary you want?

Keep score and try to keep your daily activity score at the level you want to find a job.

    Reward PointsTasks
    100Search for a Job
    10 Find a Job
    10 Apply for a Job
    10 Fill out a form
    10 Get Latest copy of the resume
    10 Upload Resume
    50 Write Cover Letter (English)
    10 Joined a Talent Community
    10 Used a Job Portal
    50 Rewrote resume for job spec
    10 Identify new roles
    20 Send email to recruiter
    10 Apply over Linkedin
    10 Make an appointment
    10 Make a phone call
    10 Get a call back
    10 Have an interview

We are raising money via Indiegogo

We are offering different web apps for users and Meetup members to access our content, practice and help them learn. Check out our perks to add features to the basic web client, and please donate to our campaign.

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App Development


Asking event attendees to save a seat at the event

List Membership

Asking members of a group or list to confirm their agreement or disagreement

Language Screening

Recoring users language skills test

Overseas Phone Numbers

Call forwarding for international phone numbers

Digital Acceptance

Indicating a user's digital acceptance of terms and conditions

Email forwarding of Audio links

Emailing links to audio files to applications

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Accountancy Firms

Advertising, Media and PR

Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry


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Other Ways of Working in Japan


Start Your Own Business

Job-related Events


Job Fairs

Industry Associations Example

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