Country Profiles: Examples of Interactive Web Content

See an example of a web page with information on getting a job (and visa) in Singapore, with links from the government, startups and job boards for job seekers. There are links to articles in our Knowledge Base in English as well

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Today's time in Tokyo, Japan

Audiologiks Provides Interactive Web and Phone User Engagement Tools

We are a gig-based interactive tool developer

    We build tools on a gig basis, for users to test and implement interactive web apps, including dialpads.

    Building Tools

    We use Twilio's Japanese version ( and the English version of Twilio to build voice-based tools to engage users while also other 3rd party apps for marketing like MailChimp.


    We work 4 hours a day on projects, with hours on the following schedule:
  • AM: 05:30 to 7:30
  • PM: 19:00 - 21:00

All our tools are based on utilizing non-real time communications to get feedback and information for users to plan and achieve their goals

Contact us to discuss how to organize a demo project to increase user feedback

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Find out how to use Audiologiks tools during your job search.

We are offering different web apps for users and Meetup members to access our content, practice and help them learn.

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Language Services


Using recording to record English and send it to a transcriber


Recording content and sending a link to the recording for translation


Narrating English or another language with a written presentation.


Correcting English documentation or written materials.


Editing English documentation or written materials.


Designing tests for listening, speaking, reading and picture/scene description.

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Links to Finding Jobs

Recruiters in Tokyo

Check Out Social Media for Job and Visa Information

Skill Building