Company Discovery

An e-sports company in Ebisu, Tokyo

Settings and Self-study

If you are interested in Information Technology and you are studying for certifications or taking a course online, you can come up with projects at home that can help practice many of the principles you are learning. Any type of home project that helps you exercise some skills or areas to practice are good to try, just come up with an idea and a way to practice.

Holding a Security Awareness Meeting

Is there a new way of upgrading your own security knowledge? Think of how you manage passwords or how you might connect to the web, and see if you can make it more secure. If it takes you more time to login or access a particular website by using a more secure method, that is a small price to pay to lower any risks you might be running.

Cybersecurity Companies

If you are interested in a Cybersecurity career, check out public websites like CISA's from the US government. Here is a list of public large US technology companies in the Cybersecurity field which would have open roles for jobs in Japan.

Digital Economy and Law in Thailand

If you are looking into working overseas, and you are working in the digital economy, look at Thailand as an example. Two laws in Thailand, The Personal Data Protection Act (2019) ('the PDPA') the Cybersecurity Act (2019) ('the Act'), govern online behavior. Whichever country you are looking into working in, check out the legal system and which laws govern online commerce, services and the field you are in.

Learning about Threatmaps

As part of the research you do to add skills for new tasks in your job role, or to consider new careers, have you thought about cybersecurity? In Cybersecurity, once you have the training and interest in learning more, there are possible roles open for you as a standalone job or to expand the jobs that you currently do in your company. Here are some links on Cybersecurity, and hopefully this sparks you to search for more information on areas you want to learn more about.