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This page is to demonstrate access to the audiologiks platform for recording, listening and sharing content.

Record Your Story

Hello, welcome to the demonstration of the Audio lojiks service. If you have not tried it yet, please try it out.

  • For English: If you would like to listen to this menu in English, please press 2 now. To speak to a support representative, please press 3
  • For Japanese: 日本語を聞きたいかた、一番を押してください。サポート担当にをお話したいかた、3番を押してください
  • ButtonFeatureDescription
    JapaneseThis is the button to access the Japanese language menu
    EnglishThis is the button to access the English language menu
    Contact supportThis is the button to contact Tom

    After choosing English or Japanese, choose from one of the below options and press the pound key

    Record Your Speech Record a short speech of 3 minutes or less
    Listen to a Short Audio Summary The audio summary is 3 minutes
    Share Menu Go to the share menu to record audio and send to a linked email or application
    Record and Replay Record a short speech and listen to the replay. Re-record or end the session.
    Back to Start Go back to the beginning of the menu
    Press pound after choosing an option This speeds up the action in the menu