Updated April 9th, 2021

Moved all the international career webpages to the knowledge base section of the webpage. I will also post on github just if anyone wants the html. Information on working in 3 regions, and 30 countries was moved to a new section. To view, please register for the knowledge base.

Today's Topics

This is a demo page to show how using audio can help with different goals and tasks.

If you are interested in the website, check out our articles on working in Japan. I will post different demo menu items and examples using this page. Reach out or sign up to ask any questions in the support area.

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Changing careers at any age, and looking for a new environment to work in is a process of understanding your priorities and what you are interested in. If you are getting into a technology field and are a non-engineer or interested in a non-engineering position, then it involves both learning about new roles in your field and what training you need to apply for those roles.