Working in 31 Countries

For visitors interested in working overseas, I have created pages with information on 31 countries and articles on different facets of finding jobs. Divided between the Americas, Asia and Europe, there are links to information on trade, startups, job boards and getting a visa. During meetups in Tokyo, I have had feedback on working in 11 countries including the US, UK, France, Sweden and Singapore, as people were interested in working in places where they can speak English and there is an economy similar to Japan.

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Interactive Web Pages

I created a page that enables visitors to record some feedback on the site, or record their own story of searching for a job. Users can press the Help button to check out information or leave a message on the site. In upcoming versions of the site, starting with ver 6.2.6, I will add keypads with an audio clip introducing information about the page that visitors can use if they want to hear more.

I have also started adding information on companies with links to information in English on the Financial Times, and also Google search results. The first example are of Fintech companies from the United States to present updated information on their status.

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Information on Working in Japan

Finding Job Boards in Japan and looking for jobs in your field. There are many job boards that have started to hire bilingual and foreign candidates in Japan, and there has been the introduction of new policies to make the job market more open to qualified international professionals.

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Learning New Skills Check out text to share and re-use

I’m interested in how people learn new skills as part of their careers and add that to their resumes, and search for jobs that reflect those additional skills and experience. Setting aside time for self-study online in order to achieve certifications and professional qualification is a path to a new career so the question is how to identify what you would like to do? While a traditional school and degree program can be done part-time and online, there are more and more options for crafting your own study plan in order to understand more about possible careers.

Share your Story Talk about your Experience

Use your resume to write about your experiences at each step in your career, what you learned and what you helped to achieve for the company. Whether you include those stories in your resume or edit it down for space reasons, you can discuss it during an interview and use it to illustrate your value to an employer.

Research Companies for your career

Learn about companies that are working in fields that you are interested in. Do you read about small, innovative companies in areas like Fintech (short for Financial Technology) and want to learn more? I will post lists of companies in different industries with links for visitors to look up in their research.