Listen While Exercising

This is to help visitors to the website locate or create content to listen to while exercising. I post earnings calls and investor calls on companies which I have tried to optimize for listening to while you are exercising.

If you don't find a company you are interested in, you can email or send a message with the company's name you would like to listen to information on. I put public company results and commentary on this site, which can be audio of between 30 to 60 min. the goal of this website is to enable alternative content to be played while a user is engaged in walking, running or some other kind of solo physical activity.

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Share with Apps

To pick a good exercise routine or start an exercise plan, look at popular exercise apps to share your progress online. Whether you are lifting weights, walking or some other exercise, pick the app that helps track your progress.

Track your progress through manual entry or using your phone to share data between apps, so your android phone or iphone can pass your fitness and health data to your exercise apps.

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Record your own Content

Looking for a job in Japan and looking for jobs in your field. You can practice your pitch for a job after you have found one on these job boards, and then try it out in person with a recruiter.

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