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In 2019, we will start doing a 60 min podcast, made up of 12 segments with each 5 minutes long, talking about working overseas. 11 Countries will be covered across North America, Europe and Asia. The countries are the USA,the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

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Information on Working in Japan

Finding Job Boards in Japan and looking for jobs in your field. There are many job boards that have started to hire bilingual and foreign candidates in Japan, and there has been the introduction of new policies to make the job market more open to qualified international professionals.

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Looking for a Job in Japan Check out Job Boards

Applying directly to companies is another option, and many companies advertise directly via Job Boards or on their website. For bilingual employees, foreign companies or multinational Japanese companies offer positions that place a premium on communications skills or international backgrounds.

Working Overseas What's your timeline?

Getting a Working Holiday visa is one option if you are between 18-31 and belong to a member country of the agreement. The explanation of the system and the member countries is on Wikipedia

Research specific industries for your career

Doing research on the healthcare and life sciences industry. Look up companies, and see what kind of jobs they offer that match your skills and interests.Each company will have career pages, and they might be looking for bilingual staff that can be a help to their business.