Learning While Exercising

This is to help visitors to the website locate or create content to listen to while exercising. I have information on companies and working in different international locations which I have tried to optimize for listening to while you are exercising.

There are many great podcasts and players out there, with a variety of content, and more being created every day. In my case, I put public company results and commentary on this site, along with content on finding a job overseas. So the goal of this website is to enable alternative content to be played while a user is engaged in walking, running or some other kind of solo physical activity.

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Interactive Web Pages

I create pages with links to audio content on a topic that a user is interested in learning about. I think you can learn while physically exercising and it benefits both a user's health and their goal of learning more about a subject.

There will be dedicted audio pages, with keypads designed to allow better switching among audio content during 30 or 60 minutes of exercise. I have also started adding text information on companies with links to information in English on the Financial Times, and also Google search results. The first example are of Fintech companies from the States to present updated information on their status.

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Information on Working in Japan

Finding Job Boards in Japan and looking for jobs in your field. There are many job boards that have started to hire bilingual and foreign candidates in Japan, and there has been the introduction of new policies to make the job market more open to qualified international professionals.

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