Foreign Companies in Japan

    Applying directly to companies is another option, and many companies advertise directly via Job Boards or on their website. For bilingual employees, foreign companies or multinational Japanese companies offer positions that place a premium on communications skills or international backgrounds.

    Smaller Japanese companies can be places to gain experience if larger companies are demanding more experience than an applicant has. While the Japanese job market is more rigid in general, and employers don't like to hire applicants with too many jobs on their cv, mid-career hiring is increasing and employers are getting more flexible due to the need for employees. To do research on companies that are hiring, and ones you would like to work for, I encourage research on foreign chambers of commerce to see their member companies.

Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Japan
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan
British Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
German Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Japan
Italian Chamber of Commerce
Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce
Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Swedish Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Japan
Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
Finnish Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Danish Chamber of Commerce
Ireland Chamber of Commerce
Brazil Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Global Food and Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Looking at Global companies in Fast Moving Consumer Goods. By looking at lists of global companies by industry, you can find companies that interest you depending on your career goals and that value bilingual or international talent. Many have Japanese subsidiaries and looking at the job opportunities, you can see how well you match up. Another way of joining a global company is to look at staffing companies that might have temporary jobs that offer experience in working in the industry or company that could prepare you to join a company directly.

Global Food Companies
Nestle SA
Procter & Gamble Company
Unilever PLC
Pepsico, Inc.
Coca-Cola Company
Imperial Tobacco Group
Anheuser-Busch InBev SA
LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Mondelez International, Inc.
Tyson Foods, Inc.
L'Oreal SA
Phillip Morris International, Inc.
3M Company