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During the Work with Covid 19 era, which industry makes sense?
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Applying directly to companies is another option, and many companies advertise directly via Job Boards or on their website. For bilingual employees, foreign companies or multinational Japanese companies offer positions that place a premium on communications skills or international backgrounds.

Will you aim at learning Japanese or improve your current level enough to get a job using it? Or get a certification in another area in order to grow your career in a field that has jobs in Japan? Covid 19 doesn't necessarily stand in the way of that, it just moves learning to a remote environment in some cases. The JPLT certification test was cancelled in July, but there is the next one scheduled for December, 2020.

  • Smaller Japanese companies can be places to gain experience if larger companies are demanding more experience than an applicant has. While the Japanese job market is more rigid in general, and employers don't like to hire applicants with too many jobs on their cv, mid-career hiring is increasing and employers are getting more flexible due to the need for employees. To do research on companies that are hiring, and ones you would like to work for, I encourage research on foreign chambers of commerce to see their member companies.

  • Companies in Japan
  • Finding Recruiters online (Accounting & Finance Example) which is a list of 30 plus recruiters in Tokyo. You can also inquire into whether recruitment companies are hiring international applicants for multinational accounts, as that can be a good way to get a job using English.

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