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  • Job Boards in Japan There are many online Job Boards in Japan, both aimed at bilingual candidates and people who speak Japanese as their native language. Due to the desire for candidates with experience and skills in different industries, there are job boards that specialize in certain indusries or types of work, such as full-time, part-time or contract positions.

  • Companies in Japan

    Applying directly to companies is another option, and many companies advertise directly via Job Boards or on their website. For bilingual employees, foreign companies or multinational Japanese companies offer positions that place a premium on communications skills or international backgrounds. There are also lists of companies you can check out if they are hiring in industries you want to work in.

  • Finding Recruiters Check out our page on recruiters in Japan to find the ones that have the positions you are interested in.

Bilingual Job Boards Check out the variety of online job boards, both global ones and ones unique to Japan, that list jobs in English and/or Japan. Some newspapers or industry websites also have job sections that cater to their audiences who have the interest and the specific skills that employers are looking for.

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