For jobs in Japan, whether you speak Japanese and another language, or just one language, internet job boards are a key way to find a job. Of the ways you can find a job, it is the most visible in terms of positions advertised while also not being always clear about what kind of applicants the employer is looking for.

Below are 9 job boards that have bilingual job postings and also English-language job postings.


Bilingual Job Boards

DaijobBilingual Jobs
CareercrossBilingual Jobs
GaijinpotBilingual Jobs
CareerengineForeign Companies in Japan
LinkedinLinkedin Jobs
IndeedInternet Aggregator
WantedlyJapan Social Job Search
CraigslistInternet classified ads
BizreachJapanese portal site for management jobs

Cities and Regions in Japan

Major Cities to Look for Jobs

Cities in Japan

Distance from Tokyo

Regions of Japan