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As you start to explore working in the United Kingdom, you will find that under UK law, there are a number of programs that govern working visas. One of the most popular programs is the Working Holiday visa (link to Government of Japan website). Here is a link to the UK visa portal with information on the youth mobility visa and the different countries that are eligible for it. Here is a link to a page explaining the different visas available in the UK, which lays out requirements for applicants. Here are the stats on who was issued the permits.

Job Boards in the UK

Look for organizations that promote relationships between Japan and other countries, and there can be events where you can meet people that would be interesting to talk to about working in another country. The Chambers of Commerce for different countries have events which are open to non-members. These can be pricey but might offer a networking opportunity to learn more about jobs in other countries.

Business and Industry associations can be a good source of information on companies that need people with language skills and experience to do business in the UK. The British Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo is a group of British and other companies that support UK business in Japan. You can also look for Japanese companies that sell in the UK or do business with UK and who might be looking for people to work with them in Great Britain or Japan. The Japan Chamber of Commerce in the UK is a good way to find leads for companies doing business in Great Britain.

You should conduct searches for information in both your native language and English. If you can understand some of the native language in the country where you want to work, conduct a search for jobs and job resources in that language. For this example, I use Japanese, and here are links to visa information in the UK in Japanese イギリスのビサーの記事。This is another link for information on getting a job in the UK for Japanese-speakers  イギリスの仕事の情報

If you can, it's good to balance the information you find in different languages, in order to check if it is helpful in your situation or for your goals.

If you have decided you want to live in another country, how will you decide where to live? Do you have an interest in a specific country or city? Is there a job, hobby, sport or other field which is centered in a country overseas? People can decide to live overseas for many reasons but the one thing they have in common is that they have made it a priority for them to take that risk and embark on the challenge of living in a new country.

Here is a top 10 cities list in the UK. Is there one that you want to work, study or live in during your time in Britain? There might be programs aimed at attracting foreigners to more rural or less-populated areas.

  1. London – 10,236,000
  2. Manchester – 2,639,000
  3. Birmingham-Wolverhampton – 2,512,000
  4. Leeds-Bradford – 1,893,000
  5. Glasgow – 1,220,000
  6. Southampton-Portsmouth – 883,000
  7. Liverpool – 875,000
  8. Newcastle – 793,000
  9. Nottingham – 755,000
  10. Sheffield – 706,000

There are different programs to get a visa, and some will change after Brexit, the process of the UK leaving the EU. Here are some:

  1. Study in the UK
  2. Study Abroad
  3. Immigrate to the UK
  4. Student Training Visa

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