Vietnam’s development record over the past 25 years is remarkable. Economic and political reforms under Đổi Mới, launched in 1986, have spurred rapid economic growth and development and transformed Vietnam from one of the world’s poorest to a lower middle-income country..

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From the CIA Factbook - Internet Users

Internet users:

  • total: 49.741 million
  • percent of population: 52.7% (July 2016 est.)
  • country comparison to the world: 14

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Communist Vietnam maintains strict control over all local media. The role of journalists and the media in Communist Vietnam has traditionally been to cast the Communist Party and its activities in a positive light put forward by propaganda of the Communist Party of Vietnam ( CPV or VCP). Things have opened up somewhat since the economic reforms in the 1980s but their primary goal remains the same. Foreign media representatives are allowed to live in the country but are subject to restrictions on where they can travel and what they can report