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Lao PDR has controlled Covid 19 but it has impacted economic growth

Per NGO and international organizations from WHO to the World Bank, the government has controlled the spread of the disease. The World Bank reports that, "A sharp drop in the performance of the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors – which account for 11 percent of total employment and 22 percent of employment in urban areas – has caused widespread job losses. Between 96,000 and 214,000 additional people are projected to fall into poverty as a result of the pandemic."

Job Boards in Laos

From the CIA Factbook - Internet Users

Internet users:

  • total population: 7,447,396 (July 2020 est.)
  • internet users: 1,845,437
  • percent of population: 25.51% (July 2018 est.)
  • country comparison to the world: 124

Trade Agreements and Chambers of Commerce

Lao PDR’s economic growth has moderated in recent years, but remains high, with income per capita reaching $2,330 in 2017. GDP growth averaged 7.8% over the last decade, with the use of the country’s natural resources – mostly hydropower

An expansion in power generation, manufacturing, and agriculture was offset by a slight deceleration in investment, slower credit growth, and a drop in tourism. The growth in agriculture, where most Lao workers are engaged, and the recent expansion of labor intensive manufacturing, albeit from a low base, are expected to help in poverty reduction. Growth is expected to further ease slightly in 2018 as current trends continue, before picking up in 2019-2020 supported by increased power generation and growing opportunities in the non-resource sectors from closer regional integration and reforms to improve the business environmentWorld Bank

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