Working in Mainland China

Background of China's Economy

Since initiating market reforms in 1978, China has shifted from a centrally-planned to a market-based economy and has experienced rapid economic and social development. GDP growth has averaged nearly 10 percent a year—the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history—and has lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty. China reached all the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015 and made a major contribution to the achievement of the MDGs globally.

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Top Cities in China

Shanghai (34 million)
Guangzhou (25 million)
Beijing (24.9 million)
Shenzhen (23.3 million)
Wuhan (19 million)
Chengdu (18.1 million)
Chongqing(17 million)
Tianjin (15.4 million)
Hangzhou (13.4 million)
Xian (12.9 million)
Changzhou (12.4 million)
Shantou (12 million)
Nanjing (11.7 million)
Jinan (11 million)
Harbin (10.5 million)

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