About Audiologiks.com

Product & Services

Audiologiks provides a pay-as-you-go managed platform for voice and audio replay services for companies’ prospective or existing customers, application users and employees to access information either by listening to recorded content or being connected to a person.

Inbound Calls

Users either pay for their own content access or are sponsored by content providers or advertisers. As the platform is pay as you go, there is no upfront cost but the per minute charge is 10 yen (9 cents) per minute.

IVR or Operator-Assisted

Content can be provided via an Interactive Voice Menu (IVR) where users choose from among different options, or their call can be forwarded to a person. It can also be a mix of the two, where users listen to an IVR menu, and choose to contact a person or business.


Audiologiks.com showcases information on Japanese companies, and aggregate information about them, and the sectors that they are active in. We aggregate content from mainstream and sector-specific media sources about companies in the Nikkei 225 index, their International competitors, and industry events.


Images, Audio, Video Posts

I post images of company slides, presentations and videos using third-party sites such as Flickr, Slideshare and Youtube, as well as other sites.

Asahi Group Holdings: Description of Businesses

Media Sources

We use articles from and link to many media sites, including the ones below in order to highlight wider trends affecting Japanese companies.

Trading Markets Dealbreaker Dealbook Seeking Alpha A-Team
The Trade News Asiamoney Risk DWT IMD


We also have links to company websites, presentations, webcasts and news articles in Japanese and English on their business results and plans. The goal is to provide links to materials for presentations, for research purposes, and to produce content on Japanese companies.

Super Derivatives Nikkei Structured Credit Publisher of Advanced Trading Wall Street and Technology

Unique Areas of Content Aggregation:

Using Audiologiks.com

By using Audiologiks.com, visitors can speed their search for results information on Nikkei 225 companies, logo images, and other content that can be used in presentations, reports or other research. We try to put all content on a company within 2 clicks of reaching the website, with links to industries and then links to the website, IR information and logos.

  • Links arranged by Industry Definition for Companies in the Nikkei 225
  • Links to Third-party Media or Research website sections with information about Nikkei 225 companies, such as Morningstar
  • Daily news items on Nikkei 225 companies

Thank you for visiting, and if you have any questions, please email editor (a) audiologiks.com