Audiologiks Service Plans

Audiologiks offers Custom Menus for Phone Services.

They are currently built on top of a voice platform such as Twilio, and Audiologiks supplies the software code that connects to the telephone platform.

Customers can choose to set up their own Twilio account, and just install a link to our software, or use an Audiologiks Twilio account, which is a shared service.

By setting up their own Twilio account, customers benefit from lower call pricing when using the software.

For Individuals using any one of the monthly services, the cost is $6 per month or $72 annually:

Phone Menu Auto-entry

Phone Speed Dials

Calling Card with Phone Directory

Voicemail forwarding to Email

For Organizations, the cost is $25 - $75 per month, or $300 - $900 annually.

Per minute charges are quoted separately, but customers save 50% by having a Twilio account.