What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?

Audiologiks was set up to solve problems with phone services, and allow users to do more over the phone. We would like to help you with any challenges, problems or requests on making calls.

Below are a few problems and how we solve them

For Individuals:


1) I would like to keep some of my voicemails for longer than a week or download them or share them with others

Set up your own voicemail box, and forward your mobile phone to it, and you can keep your voicemails for as long as you like. The cost is approximately 600 yen per month, compared to an average cost of 300 yen per month charged by the mobile carriers.

Virtual Numbers

2) I have visitors coming to Japan and they would like to use their mobile phones. Can I call them while they are here without making an international call?

You can get a virtual number (either 03 or 050) for your visitors and have it forwarded to their overseas mobile phone. Anyone in Japan would be making a local call to their number, while you or your visitors would pay the cost of the call. It would be an international call, but callers wouldn't bear the added cost.

Recording Calls

3) I would like to record calls with my family or another caller to keep them as a memento or record.

In recording calls, be aware of the applicable rules where you are. Using a simple Click 2 Dial phone page that Audiologiks can set up, you can make and record calls. The calls would be saved in your online account for you to download or playback.

Voice Menus

4) I run a small office or business, and I would like to forward calls when I am out of the office or after-hours

Forward your existing number (via Call Forwarding) to a Voice Menu that Audiologiks can set up, and callers will hear a message, and can choose options from a simple voice menu.

For companies and organizations, please see our Services page.