Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Enabling the simple recording and playback of audio content, with an interactive response capability, can power delivery of services for employees and partners. Whether it is quickly providing training on the latest products or sharing a conference call among a group, audio content can inform and empower employees, partners and customers, enabling them to move at a faster pace.

Recording audio content in recruitment can be a key part of solutions that enhance the process of talent acquisition. Using an interactive menu in solutions for candidate screening or explaining how a position fits into the strategy of the company to potential candidates.

Digital Interview Platform

Audio recording offers value to digital interviews by being able to record questions for interview subjects, whether it is for journalist, training or for research.

It can also be used for interviewing job applicants, and recording their answers. Sharing the interview among recruiters and hiring managers can lead to quicker decision making to proceed to a one-to-one interview, while also preparing the candidate for in-depth areas of inquiry later.

A video interview feature is also available in Japan from a partner, TS Planning, which offers a video interview service on a per interview basis. This is very suitable for companies looking to gather more information from its job applicants over a year, and can be a useful means to testing language or technical fluency.

Candidate Screening

Candidates introduce themselves and answer 1-4 questions provided by an interactive menu. The results are sent to the recruiter or hiring manager, via an email link that can be saved in an Applicant Tracking System or other in-house system.

Position Marketing

To better explain the benefits and career possibilities of a position, company human resources and hiring managers can record a short summary to market the position, stressing their interest in candidates with the relevant experience and skills to apply.

Games, Tests & Quizzes

After training has been conducted, a simple game can be offered to participants to test understanding, and also guide participants to areas for further study. More than just a way to score training results, an interactive game can trigger memory and highlight areas for participants to work on further.